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Studio Photography Tour

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A picture is a time machine you can fit in the palms of your hands. It transports us to the past and helps us reenact those moments again!

Studio Tour is a tour for all those interested in photography and the evolution of this industry in our beloved Cairo. You will get the chance to explore the sound of a camera shot, the development of film, different types of cameras, and much more. We will see the difference between the time when the motion camera was used to tell our stories, and how it works today. Now that we live in the digital age that perpetuates our whole lives in a second, our photo album has been replaced by Instagram and the development process by Photoshop.

We will be showcasing:

⚫️ Story of Photography in Cairo and Downtown
⚫️ Photography Studios
⚫️ Contemporary Photo Exhibitions
⚫️ Photography Archive
⚫️ Exclusive Vintage location access
⚫️ Photo memory

** Cancellation & Refund Policy:
– 50% refund 6 days before the day of the trip.
– No refund any day after.
– Full refund any day before which is previously mentioned.

*** Please note that the event might be canceled in case of bad weather or the minimum number is not achieved


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